Main subjects of activity

  • tax consultancy
  • accountancy management
  • processing of wages
  • economic-organisational consultancy

"Tax consultancy, accounting, the processing of wages, and economic-organisational consultancy

and in English and Spanish as well;

this is the most concise list possible of the services which we provide.

We have been operating in Prague since 2001. The goal that we set for ourselves, and which is expressed in Czech in the name of our company:

"KOmplexní DAňové Poradenství", which means Comprehensive Tax Consultancy,

has been successfully put into practice. We have created a reliable background for you, a strong company that is able to provide reliable professional and legal guarantees during the management of accountancy and wages and during the resolution of related economic, tax, and legal problems.

You too have the opportunity to take advantage of the services provided by KODAP. If you are interested, then you will always be welcome guests with us".

Activities provided within the group of companies:

  • tax consultancy
  • economic-organisational consultancy
  • accounting
  • the processing of wages
  • online accounting

Other activities provided by the group:

  • enterprise transformation
  • information concerning investment incentives
  • training
  • auditing

Tax consultancy, accounting, the processing of wages, and economic-organisational consultancy.

Ing. Miroslava Tomášková
director, Tax advisor


Kodap skupina - daňové poradenství

(00420) 224 498 230

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